Saturday, May 18, 2013

He surprised her with a phone call saying he is on his way. She leapt with anticipation of his arrival. She always got so giddy when she was going to be seeing him and tonight was no different. After almost a year and a half, he still has this affect on her.  As they spoke she starts to draw hot bath, and his voice sings in her ear she is silently checking off the “must do” list. Shave legs, brush teeth, light candles…. He must have heard the noise in the background because he interrupted her thoughts when he suggests she wait with the bath, so that they can enjoy one together. Almost gushing with excitement she turns off the water! He is always full of surprises. Her smile melted all the way down her stomach, to the already moist spot between her thighs. She lay back on her bed and simply enjoyed his sexy voice, speaking to her soul. The wetness growing, becoming a hunger!
The door… it’s him! He’s here!! Her stomach feels as though she’s on a roller coaster ride as she opens the door. There he stands, this beautiful, sexy man who can erase her mind with just his touch. Grabbing her and pulling her to him, he plants a kiss on her lips. She loves the rough way he handles her. Gentle, but direct! Quickly she nods, letting him know that she is eager to feel him. Leading him to the bathroom, she can’t hide the smile that owns her face.
The warm glow of candles fills the bathroom. They stand there together, naked and exposed to one another. Looking into one another’s eyes…Vulnerable, yet not afraid. He sinks down into the hot water, directing her to sit in front of him; his legs apart just enough for her to slide in between.  The warmth of the water matching the heat that burns in her groin. As she relaxes back into his chest, his arms envelope her and she feels the warmth of his love. As they sit sharing kisses, smiles, and soft conversation she commits every second to memory. This is the man she adores. She realizes she would do anything for him… anything he asks and her body follows. Sure that he was made for her, she feels all inhibitions, all excuses, and all worry just melt away. This is the man to whom she has given her world.

After sharing a nice hot bath, they retire to the bedroom. Amber shadows dance on the wall from the candles she had lit earlier in anticipation of his arrival. The temperature in the room almost instantly rises. He doesn’t even have to touch her… his gaze melts her most sensual places. As they slide between the sheets, he’s just close enough to intoxicate her with his scent. The heat radiating from his body makes her every cell stand at attention. Trying to be patient for him, she waits… knowing that any moment now he will claim her body in full. He leans into her and without hesitation takes ownership of her mouth. His kiss, soft at first, demands her attention while his hands roam her body. Her senses are in overload, he’s everywhere. Passion builds as his kiss deepens… harder, more ravenous.  She can’t center in on one thing that he is doing to her, she is drunk on him. A soft moan escapes her throat as he positions himself over her to enter. She can feel the weight of his body pressing down into her and all she can thinks is….. Now! Please!!  But this man knows her, and he knows her well. He is teaching her patience as he continues to kiss and tease, without giving her what her body aches to have. She begs him with her eyes, the heat of her soul scorching her pupils. With a knowing look, he takes her!! Finally, she feels him deep inside. Their bodies moving in rhythm for only a short time before she succumbs to his will. She explodes for him almost immediately! He knows she is his… he has listened to their lovemaking enough times to know just what this woman wants, just what she needs. He gives his lady what she desires… over and over her body betrays her. With each orgasm muscles work harder, her body blending into his, her mind melding to his wishes. Satisfaction doesn't cover it. He works her like a she is his most favorite hobby. He knows her wants, desires, her body… he knows the moans, the screams, the growls that escape her throat as she climaxes for him again and again! Only when he is sure she is pleased will he give her his release. Her body is wearing, yet once again she shudders as her juices pour out onto him. When will he let her rest? Will he give in and fill her with him? He has decided…. Not just yet! ;)

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