Saturday, May 18, 2013

Part I
The door opened and he swept in. he grabbed her face and kissed her roughly, forcing his kiss on her. His hands explored her body possessively, brooking no objection, claiming every inch of her as his own. She felt the heat of his passion on her lips and could feel the burning contrails where his hands encountered her body. She staggered backwards until she felt her legs encounter the bed. Against her will she fell back, lost in the fervor of his kiss, ardently returning his embrace. She lay on her back, frantically processing all that was occurring as he continued his exploration. She felt her shirt rip as he opened it up to further caress her body. His lips followed his hands on a downward path.
Part II
Teasing her, he continues to place delicate kisses against her abdomen, his rough chin grazing against her soft, hot skin. She feels her body arch, wanting more of his touch… his kiss. She feels his hot breath against her skin as he trails lower. Just as he is between her thighs he looks up to see the pleasure on her face, the need in her eyes. Her throat betrays her as a small groan escapes her lips. She didn’t want him to stop or even pause.
Part III
She lay there, body tingling, awaiting his next move. Every nerve in her body was still on fire as a result of the initial onslaught. He stood above her, feasting on her nakedness. Slowly, he removed his shirt, grinning as she sighed impatiently. Even more deliberately he completed the act of undressing, smiling at her as his nudity betrayed the full extent of his arousal. He walked over to the head of the bed, positioning himself so there was no doubt as to his implied demand. As her lips closed around him, he savored the moist, velvety fire of her mouth. His eyes closed, as he gave way to the pleasure she granted him.
Part IV
Returning the teasing and taunting, she savors him heartily. Seeking revenge of sorts, she moves her tongue to spark intense pleasure in him. Using every muscle of her mouth, tongue, and lips… her throat tightens and he feels his body become hers. She looks up into his eyes as he thrusts his hands into her wavy red hair. Returning his gaze with her hazel eyes, she dares him to attempt to maintain control. She moans ever so softly, letting him feel the sounds coming from the back of her throat. His body begins to melt into her. She knows she wants to please him with every cell in her body. She loves him, she wants him to know… to feel her.
Part V
He cannot give in. using every fiber of his being he pulls away, panting. He sees the grin on her face as she lets him know he’s no longer in control. Taking a deep breath he positions himself above her. Mustering every ounce of self control he fights the animalist urge to thrust, instead gently, tantalizingly positioning himself where she wants him to be. He claims as his reward her small moan of pleasure, but instead of moving forward, he skirts the edges, allowing them to both revel in the slippery friction and yearn for what they both know will come. Slowly but inexorably he moves forward, seeing her eyes flare with fervor. He pauses, retreating as she moves upward, maintaining their position without advancing, maintain control. A growl of frustration escapes her, and he grins, exulting in his mastery over the moment. Instead of moving his body forward, he leans into her and begins to slowly kiss her face. He whispers to her that he intends to kiss every freckle on her body.
Part VI
She revels in his playfulness and begins to instigate him further… pointing out freckle after dainty freckle. Paying special attention to specify those in the areas where she wants the most attention. He realizes she again has the power. His stance shifts just as he is kissing a beautiful freckle on her lower lip. She gazes into his eyes and sees the hunger he holds for her. In one movement he wraps his arm around her lower waist and raises her off the bed. Her knees fall apart as she tries to steady herself. He raises and lowers her before she can catch herself. In seconds he is piercing through her and has taken her body with his. Her back arches and she succumbs to the passion. He fills her completely… her mind reeling… a deep growl escapes from his lips. This is what she wants….
Part VII
The time for restrain is gone. Control abandoned. No longer content with a solo, their movements become a symphony. Thrust meets thrust; lips join in violently passionate kisses. His hand once again sought her hair, this time grabbing it firmly and pulling. In response, she rakes her nails down his back, eliciting a guttural sound that came from the origins of mankind. The pace intensified, and his growls served as a counterpoint to her screams as they both raced to the ending they had long awaited. Finally, the moment arrives as he drives home all the pent up energy he had been saving for her. The explosion deep within her created a cataclysmic detonation within her body, mind, and soul that had her skating on the thin edge of consciousness.

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