Saturday, May 18, 2013

Us Reds are very hard to handle. We are very passionate, we are uncontrollable at times, and it takes a VERY strong person to manage us. We love with all our hearts, and WE LOVE HARD! That scares some people, and others just think we are crazy!

I realize I am a lot to handle, I thought I found a man who could handle me, but I was wrong... I did learn that I have to work on myself, and find someone who truly is strong at heart. Not just strong willed, not just strong minded... but ALL of those AND strong at heart! A man who understands love and wants to know the true me.

I know there's a man out there that would LOVE the woman that I am, and not try to change me. Improve me? Yes... Change the core of my being? No! That's the man I will marry. And I will be the most amazing love he has ever known. I will love and honor him every day. I will be proud of him and support him in every decision. I will have his back, and trust him to lead me. I will belong to him.

It wont be easy, but it will be so worth it!!

To my future husband... Be ready for the ride of your life!! 

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